Voice For Hire Studio Services

V4H Studio features professional voice over talent, over 35 years in the voice over production

Professional Voice Over Talent & Studio

Scenario:  Your creative team has come up with a great idea for a powerful new media production that really sells the sizzle!  Now you need to find a voice over talent who can bring it all together.  This is where you call us for a professional voice over talent to do the job.  High quality, fast turn around and affordable prices.

Copy Writing & Scripting Service

Scenario:   Your creative team has a great marketing idea but can’t quite seem to communicate it to your customers. This is where you call us to lend our 35 years of experience to your marketing team to help them turn their idea into reality; putting our creative script writers to work for you. 

Voice Over Training Program

Scenario:   You want to become a voice over talent!  You want to learn to record audio books, radio commercials, telephone on-hold programs and multimedia sound tracks. You call us right now to learn more about our Voice Over Training Program.  We train professional voice over talent!

Voice Coaching, Editing & Mastering

Scenario:  You are an experienced voice talent wanting to improve your techniques and studio production skills. So you call us and book a studio session with our trainer to work on voice over techniques.  We can also provide you with editing, mixing and mastering services for projects.

Now Enrolling- Become a Professional Voice Over Talent

You will have personal instruction in voice-over techniques from a professional voice talent. You will get hands-on training in recording, editing and studio production.

​During your voice over training program, you will produce several high quality voice over recordings to demonstrate your voice talent that will be posted on your own marketing website.  Your voice over demos will include audio books, commercials, telephone on-hold programs, multimedia sound tracks for use with presentations and the ability to produce your own sound tracks.  Home studio equipment is included.